Cheap Cockatiel Cages

If you are buying a cockatiel cage there's quite a few things to think about. If you are clever you can save some money. Here is our guide to finding a cheap cockatiel cage.

It's important to remind you that you should really buy the best cockatiel cage you can afford. You normally get what you pay for. If you spend a lot when you buy a cockatiel cage you will generally end up with a well-sized and good quality bird cage.

So be carful - a cheap cockatiel cage can often be poorly built or too small which are both bad for your cockatiel's health and happiness. However, you can save money when buying a cockatiel cage. Here's some tips to finding a cheap one.

Shop around

As we all know, you can find some real bargains if you shop around. Just by doing a bit of savvy shopping you should be able to find some budget cockatiel cages without sacrificing size or quality. Try your local pet shop, or even a larger out-of-town pet shop that may have some even better deals.

Try and find some special offers when you are looking around and always ask a member of staff if you need any advice. If you have any friends that are cockatiel owners, you can always ask where they got their cage from - they may have some money saving tips for you!

It might be cheaper online...

With so many online pet shops these days there are probably at least a dozen reputable websites that sell cheap cockatiel cages. Of course, shopping online won't give you the chance to see the cages up close, but you should get an impression as to their quality.

There's always some sort of promotion with online pet shops so keep your eye out for price reductions or vouchers that can help you find the perfect cheap cockatiel cage. Most websites have user-submitted reviews too, so read what other people think of the cages that they have purchased.

Be clever and shop around!

Second hand cockatiel cages

One great way of finding a bargain cockatiel cage is to look at your local newspaper or magazine and even shop windows. The local vet may even have a notice board where people are trying to sell their cages. As they are second hand, they're going to be cheaper than buying new.

Just be careful though. Try and find out why they are selling their cockatiel cage and make an effort to view the cage before you buy it. Check that it's in good condition, sturdy and the right size before buying it. If you settle for it, give it a good clean before you put it to use.

Be careful...

Don't just go for the first cheap cockatiel cage you find. Do your research and make doubly sure it's the right size and of good quality. Good luck!