Cockatiel Colors

Most people think that all cockatiels "come in one color" that color combination being the gray back and belly with the distinct yellow face and orange cheek spots. Well although this color combination is the most common kind for cockatiels, there are a hell of a lot more varying colored cockatiels that have evolved over the years.

Although cockatiels are found wild in Australia, it appears that their genes for the amazing color patterns have mutated into some quite stark variations!

Take a look at all the cockatiel colors below:

Common Gray Cockatiel Common Gray Cockatiel
Cinnamon Cockatiel
Cinnamon Cockatiel
Fallow Cockatiel Fallow Cockatiel
Lutino Cockatiel Lutino Cockatiel
Pearl Cockatiel Pearl Cockatiel
Pid Cockatiel Pied Cockatiel
White-Faced Cockatiel White-Faced Cockatiel
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