Cockatiel facts

Everything you need to know about cockatiels

Cockatiels are amazing little creatures and there's probably quite a lot you don't know about them. From the fascinating to the bizarre, we've compiled some cockatiel facts just for you.

  • It's normally the male cockatiel that is the best at whistling and singing. They use their vocal skills to attract females in the wild so they are generally better at it.
  • A cockatiel won't like it if you approach them with your hand over it's head. It may feel threatened by this and make their displeasure known to you.
  • Whilst you might think that your cockatiel is a noisy so-and-so, they are actually quieter than most parrots. So when your cockatiel is excited and makes lots of noise, just think about how quiet it is compared to other birds!
  • Cockatiels need quite a lot of sleep. You'll need to make sure that your cockatiel gets 12-14 hours of snoozing every night - ideally in the dark and quiet.
  • Cockatiels are very sociable birds. They like attention, contact and to be kept busy.
  • The lifespan of an average cockatiel in captivity is around 15-25 years. If you are thinking about getting one as a pet, it's obviously a long term commitment.
  • The head crest of a cockatiel will change angle depending on it's mood! It's normally vertical when the cockatiel is excited or alarmed, and flat to it's head if it's angry.
  • Females are normally slightly more aggressive than male cockatiels. Mind you if you look after your cockatiel well you shouldn't see their angry side!
  • Cockatiels in the wild are native to Australia. Find out more about cockatiels in the wild.
  • A cockatiel is normally around 12-14 inches long. Most of their length is made up by their tail.
  • Cockatiels are better at whistling than they are at talking! In fact some extra-talented cockatiels can whistle entire songs.