Cockatiel Sounds

Cockatiels are famous for their ability to "voice themselves" by either making loud random noises and whistles or by actually trying to repeat and mimic what certain noises sound like. Cockatiels are in the parrot family and so have the ability to voice themselves louder than any other bird, however their vocal range isn't as advanced as those of the bigger parrots, so what they do to many people sounds "cute".

Check out some of the videos below of cockatiel sounds:

This cockatiel is called Herbert and makes a damn good job of imitating the microwave and air conditioner!

This cockatiel is signing along merrily!

This little cockatiel is singing along to Andy Griffith songs!

This cute cockatiel is making numerous noises including the telephone!

Two singing cockatiels!

Cute cockatiel singing and dancing.

Lovely cockatiel making cute noises.

Little cockatiel making some remarkable tunes.

Little cockatiel singing "Happy Birthday To You"

As you can see from the numerous videos I have put up there, cockatiels actually have quite a large vocal ability compared to many other birds, however, they still cannot "speak" and "sing" as readily as the bigger parrots.

If you ever have the pleasure of owning a cockatiel, you will surely see the true happiness and joy they bring and emit!